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Bigger Body Tape - Nude (for bigger chest size)

Rp 195.000,00 IDR

BIGGER Body Tape from Things Untouched (Lebar 7.5 CM, Panjang 5M) ditujukan untuk perempuan dengan payudara yang lebih besar (CUP D keatas). Includes 10 pcs of Fashion Tape.

Do you have a gorgeous outfit in your wardrobe with no bra that worked? Have you bought a product that promised breast support but found it didn't stick? Body Tape is the secret.


Bagi perempuan dengan payudara lebih besar (CUP D keatas), menggunakan Regular Body Tape memerlukan lebih banyak layers untuk membuat Lift Effect.

Dengan BIGGER Body Tape, layers yang diperlukan menjadi lebih sedikit, seamless, dan lebih hemat.


• Lifts any breast size
• 5 metre roll (5-15x pakai tergantung ukuran payudara)
• Nude is perfect underneath any clothing
• Cut your own tape length to suit your outfit / body shape
• Waterproof, perfect for underneath swimsuits
• Painless to remove
• Vegan & cruelty-free

Wear outfits you couldn't wear before because you can now go braless without worry!

*Apply test patch on chest for six hours to ensure there is no reaction. Stop using product if any irritation, swelling or rash occurs. Do not apply to irritated or sunburned skin. Not intended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not wear product for more than 8 hours. Remove slowly with lotion or baby oil.


Pickup available at Main storage

Usually ready in 24 hours


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