Do I need an account to order?

Yes, you do! Having a registered account eases and speeds up your ordering and payment system. You can easily check in to your account the next time you want to order again.

The item that I like is sold out! What should I do?

You may contact us at swimsaic.id@gmail.com or Whatsapp, we may help you to create a pre-order. Do note that pre-order item requires 5-8 weeks processing time and down payment of minimum 50% of item's price.

Do you ship to multiple address?

Yes, however you need to create another invoice for the other addresses.

Can I add items after I check out? 

Unfortunately you can't, because after checking out your order is recorded. If you want to add more items, kindly make a new order.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship to cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards and bank transfer.

How soon can I receive my order?

After your order is confirmed and paid for, we will process your order within 24 hours. Afterwards, shipping using domestic courier (JNE) requires 1 day for express shipping (only for JNE) and 1-5 days for regular shipping. If you are really urgent, please choose shipping using Gosend (only for Jakarta area).

How do I track my order?

Please contact us through swimsaic.id@gmail.com or Whatsapp and we will check it for you.

There is a defect in the item that I ordered, can I return it?

We deeply apologize for our mistake. Kindly contact us at swimsaic.id@gmail.com or Whatsapp and we will assist you further.

Can I change my address after I have made my order?

You may contact us through Whatsapp and help you to change your shipping address. However, once the item has been dispatched/sent, we cannot change it anymore. We advise you to double check before you made your order.

I have completed my payment but I forgot to confirm my payment. Help!

Do not worry, please contact us through Line Whatsapp or swimsaic.id@gmail.com for further assistance.

What will happen if I have ordered but did not make any payment?

Your order will immediately be cancelled within 24 hours and you have to make another order again.

Happy shopping!